Got a Jailbroken iPhone? You’ll Want to Check Out These Tweaks

Having a jailbroken iPhone is equal to having the best of both worlds: you’ll enjoy the technological genius of Apple while getting access to the creative tweaks of jailbreak developers. Sometimes, the tweaks bring hugely exciting features that are simply not possible within Apple’s walled garden; most often, they provide tiny enhancements that improve users experience in small but significant ways.

Two of the best examples for the latter are Selectmoji and Modern. Both of these are available in Cydia and are compatible with iOS 10, although Selectmoji goes a step further by also providing support for iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, and iOS 9.

So what exactly is Modern?

Modern is a jailbreak tweak that changes the style of your widgets and notifications. Using this tweak, you’ll have the option to make the icons bigger (or use the default size), choose between white and black font color for header text, and add eye-catching shadows to icons and labels. You can also enable and disable Modern for individual widgets and banners. The developer, FromDerik, notes that Modern will soon provide support for Unify X, a tweak that groups notifications into app-based sections.

What about Selectmoji?

You probably already know that the iOS emoji keyboard has a category for your frequently used emojis. This is great, but it has one downside: your device automatically chooses the emojis that would be placed under this category. If you want to have more control over the emojis that would appear under this group, use Selectmoji. Developed by Cole Cabral, this jailbreak tweak lets you choose up to 30 emojis that would appear in “frequently used” and have easy access to your favorites. Just take note: if you’re using iOS 6, make sure to download Emoji10Legacy first to ensure Selectmoji shows the proper layout.

Install these jailbreak tweaks now and see how they’ll help improve your user experience! Don’t have a jailbroken device? Read our guide on jailbreaking your iOS 10.0.1-10.2 device.

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