Google’s I/O 2017 and What to Expect from it

While not the only event hosted by Google, I/O is without a doubt the biggest and most famous of them. It spans for three days and is filled with workshops, presentations and announcements. It’s Google’s preferred event when they want to showcase some of their more innovative and bold projects, Project Jacquard comes to mind as an example.

If you want to physically go to the event, it is located in Mountain View, California, and the location is the Shoreline Amphitheater. The exact festivities being on the 17th of May, at 10 a.m. in the morning. For those who can’t go to the event itself, that shouldn’t be a worry as many popular media platforms will no doubt stream the event live, and recordings will surface after the event itself.

While we do not know exact details as to what will be presented, we can go by what was released in the past and make assumptions as to what can be expected. For example, the Android O has been recently launched in a preview version, which has quite a few problems and bugs, but it is expected to be showcased in one form or another at I/O 2017. Probably either in a newer version or with new features.

Hopefully, they will also present the overhauled notification system, which will allow you to re-program schedules and alerts to show-up later on. We might even see more information regarding the battery management part, which will hopefully restrict the background consumption of energy by the apps. The new Bluetooth audio abilities should also be highlighted in this presentation, as they have been hinted at being very high-end. Hopefully, they might even release an entirely new version of the Developer Preview version for the Nexus and Pixel line of devices.

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