Google’s Android P Stands for Pineapple? Read on to Find out About This and its Features

Google’s Android P Stands for Pineapple? Read on to Find out About This and its Features

It looks like Google is always ready for a funny gag, leaving people on their toes with clues that may or may not lead to something that we have always wanted to find out. The tech giant seems to greatly enjoy leaving us to wonder and argue about whether or not this clue or that clue may be the real deal.

Recently it looks like they decided to do the same thing when it came to their latest Android P OS. Today we will discuss why we believe that the P stands for Pineapple and some of the features that Google is going to push to the front with this OS.

The password that unveils the truth

Google may have willingly given us a big hint about the name of this OS through the Google I/O 2018 application in the form of what we think to be an Easter Egg. Here, in order to connect to the Google I/O Wi-Fi network you had to type in a password and the set password was “p1n3appl3”. Could this be just a small joke that was meant to keep us on our toes or is this a big hint at what Google is going to do?

This would not be the first time that people have started to speculate about the name of an Android OS version and we are certain that this will not be the last either. Were people successful before? Not really, most of the things that they thought were hints turned out to be false. Bug the password Easter Egg is not the only hint that we have which may suggest that Pineapple is the name.

A couple of months ago, back in January, Google started to tease the public again at one of their I/O conferences about the name of the OS. This took place in the form of an alternate reality game where the participants had to go around the virtual offices of the company in Mountain View so that they could discover the clues which will lead to them finding the exact date of the conference. What was one of the clues? Well, participants could find a pineapple cake in one of the rooms. This is when people started to think that the P in Android P could stand for Pineapple.

The new era for screenshots

Call us a bit too hopeful but Google has been working a lot on the features that Android P is going to come with and one of those caught our eyes more than the others did. What are we talking about? Well, we set our eyes on the Reply screenshot feature. All of us know that taking notifications are the most important thing that we interact with on a daily basis on our phones. Be it from our emails, from our chat apps, our weather app, or even from a game that we love to waste time on, we are always ready to check the notifications if something happens.

However, the problem with this is that notifications are not as great as they could be and this is where Android P comes into play. The OS is said to come with this Reply feature, which is meant to improve the already present Smart Reply feature by extending its use to third-party apps. If before you could just tap on the notification or just swipe it away, now you have the option to snooze the notification, to set up a reminder for it or even remind it based on the location where you are at.

Top notch feature

This may have been discussed before but Google has included a setting which allows different display features, based on the type of top-notch that the phone has if it is wider or narrower. First of all, this is an obvious decision to adapt to the new top-notch design that we can see on almost every new phone that comes out but also a possible hint that Google may adopt the same design with their next line of phones.

Transferring photos made easier

Another thing that we wanted to talk about is the fact that with Android P you can now transfer your photos faster and without using as much space and data as used to do in the past, all with the help of this OS. This is possible due to the HEIF image encoding support that Android P has.

Sneak a peek at a picture without other knowing

In some situations, when we are sent a pic we may want to take a look at it without the sender seeing that we did that. Could this happen with the help of Android P? Oh, we are almost certain that yes, this is possible. Android P is said to include a feature which is going to allow the user to view an image message in the notification panel by just swiping in a downward motion on the notification. It is both convenient and useful; at least that is what we think. We cannot wait to see this feature play out in real life.

Password Autofill

Last but not least we would like to talk about this password auto-fill feature. Yes, this is nothing new since we can already find it on other OS version but Android P is set out to make it even better, making Android users’ lives a little bit easier.

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