Google taking after OnePlus for its Pixel 4 launch approach?

Google taking after OnePlus for its Pixel 4 launch approach?

Though Google goes way back with manufacturing Android phones, OnePlus, its recent contender, is the front runner in the business. Both the companies’ handset launch events follow a predictable pattern that creates a stir among their audience. Although lately, it looks like Google might be taking a leaf out of OnePlus’s marketing strategy books to launch its Pixel 4.

OnePlus’s marketing strategy

Every year OnePlus launches a new phone that turns a lot of heads. But the company has stuck on to one marketing strategy over the years. Initially, we see the surface of the leaked renders well ahead of the launch date’s announcement. Once that is out, the company takes to official platforms to disclose several new features that the upcoming device will carry.

These disclosures often discuss the lack of certain features that get the audience talking. This is a clever technique to get the users to pour out their unease surrounding the lack of those features well ahead of the official launch affair. It also helps create a hype around the outstanding features of that year’s model. The company allows its users time to digest the phone’s features and come to terms with what they can and can’t expect. This efficiently brings success to every launch event that the company puts up.

Google Pixel 4’s launch mimicking OnePlus’s?

Looking at a similar pattern sketched out well ahead of Pixel 4’s launch, it is easy to assume that Google is trying to ape OnePlus’s strategy.

We still have several weeks between now and Google Pixel 4’s official launch. But Google took to official platforms way early to reveal the device’s back and front designs, much like OnePlus’s marketing scheme. In addition, it stretched out its announcement and elaborately disclosed the device’s most significant features.


From the announcements, we have gathered that the phone will feature a dual-camera system on its rear panel mimicking iPhone 11’s lens system. Google revealed that the handset will sport a selfie camera instead of a dual pop-up system. We were also made aware that the phone will carry a groove on the top that will house a face recognition system and the most-hyped Project Soli – a gesture recognition system.

Nevertheless, it is not clear if Google is trying to follow in OnePlus’s footsteps, or if it is just trying to stay one step ahead of the leakers. Informants and leaksters gave away all previous Pixel phones’ images and features at length before the official launch. So, it is only convincing to assume that Google is trying to discourage such sources. But at the same time, it is also possible that Google is allowing its users time to digest the phone’s features by revealing specifics way ahead of time, very much like OnePlus.

OnePlus has continued to beat its users’ expectations by offering great devices, one after the other. Meanwhile, Google’s Pixel phones have struggled to impress users with their weak battery lives which gives OnePlus an edge over Pixel.

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