Google smartphones: Is it a Pixel 2 or a HTC?

Android lovers like Google’s smartphones: Pixel and Pixel XL. Why? Because of the pure Android operating system, they are the first ones to get their updates.

The announcement of the new Pixel 2 variants made fans happy, however, there is a catch. Yes, the operating system is powerful, but what about the design? How will these Pixel 2 variants look like?

A Japanese blog (HTC Soku) has published an article, in which the Taiwanese company HTC is presented as the responsible of the design for the Pixel 2. Supposedly the Pixel 2 variants were referred to as S1 and M1 and their design was created to be similar to the HTC U11.

Why? Well, according to their sources S2 and M2 are to have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 platform. This means that the performance of the phones will be very good. But there is a catch; the look is not very attractive. At least not when compared with other smartphones: Samsung’s Galaxy 8 or LG’ G6. Pixel fans had high hopes that LG will design the two variants.

What can the Taiwanese company offer? We know the U11 has the “Edge Sense” technology, which allows the squeezing of the phone to be measured and based on them the phone commands are performed.

Despite the design built by HTC, the Pixel phones are durable and they have a very good performance. When can we expect the release of the Pixel phones? The release will probably be around the same time as last year: September or October.

What are some other rumors? Other sources suggest that LG will continue the design of the new Pixel 2; the Pixel 2 phone will be waterproof,  a Pixel 3 is going to be created soon, the Pixel 2 will not have a headphone jack etc. It is up to you if you believe them or not.

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