The first smartwatch by Google is scheduled to be launched soon. Though Google has not spoken about it, there is a lot of excitement over the product in the trade and among Google fans. For a very long time, there was a lot of speculation around this device. Despite Google refusing to confirm its development, the number of leaks and rumors around it has convinced most people that Google’s first smartwatch will arrive in the market soon.

The name ‘Pixel Watch’ was never official. Leakers and insiders used it while reporting about the device. However, looking at the kind of pattern Google has followed till date, there was a very good chance of the company calling its first-ever smartwatch ‘Pixel Watch'. Now, Google seems to have filed a trademark for the name ‘Pixel Watch’ and this has almost confirmed that this is what the wearable will be called.

On April 19, Google filed an application at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The paperwork, however, states that the company had earlier filed an international application that is yet to be reviewed. This particular application was filed in Tonga, which is known to be an island nation.

Interestingly, Google has reached out for trademark protection under two categories, watch and smartwatch. The steps taken by the company are in sync with the kind of expectations consumers have from it.

While it is almost certain that ‘Pixel Watch’ is what the device would be called, there were reports about it being developed under the codename ‘Rohan’. Since there is still some time for the wearable to be launched, one could expect some more information to come to the fore in the near future. Google I/O is scheduled to kickstart on May 11 and there is a possibility of the Pixel Watch being unveiled during this event. 

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Elizabeth Kartini

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