Google Play Store Developer Program Policy Updated

Google Play Store represents the main way of discovering new apps for a big slice of the Android users. Lots of end users use it to find out about the new releases and the interesting games and other apps that are available online. You can’t really do much without the Play Store if you’re using Android, and we’re pretty sure you’ve been there too if you’re using Android.

However, there’s no surprise that many developers try to go around the system in order to make their apps more popular. Most likely you have already heard about fake reviews, fake ratings for apps that have as their only purpose adware. Spam installs are also popular. In order to fight these practices, Google released an update to the Developer Program Policies.

What Is Google Doing?

Naturally, all these malafide actions affect the integrity of the Store, since they won’t reflect the quality of an app or its popularity. Generally, the team advises against using such strategies. More exactly, they are currently implementing certain measures. As such, they announced that they will not remove an app simply because they use incentives to convince user to install or to review. However, the apps will be closely monitored to see if they are compromising their integrity.

If an app is found to manipulate the placement on Google Store, the tech giant will be monitoring and filtering the incentivized install on the systems. If that’s the case, they will remove the app from the Top Charts and even from the store altogether.

The Google Research team showed in an internal analysis that statistically, incentivized users present much lower retention rates. Moreover, they are less prone to making in-app purchases than users who are organically installing the app.

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