Google Pixel Watch: Price, Release Date, Features, Rumors and News

Google Pixel Watch: Price, Release Date, Features, Rumors and News

Google is not going to let Samsung and Apple have all the laurels because rumors indicate that the company might launch the Google Pixel Watch, completing their exciting lineup. After getting rid of the Nexus devices which used to be much cheaper and easier to access for most people, the Pixel phones were released which are the top of the line smartphones that cost almost $1000 and making it difficult for everyone to make the purchase.

Putting an end to this and also to compete strongly against the likes of OnePlus phones and other mid-range models from Samsung, multiple rumors have nearly confirmed that the Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL phones are scheduled for launch in the upcoming Google event. Alongside the same, it is also being speculated, based on a couple of leaks, that the company might actually launch the Android-friendly Pixel Watch.

The smartwatch market is waning off right now because it didn’t see such a massive adoption as the smartphones. A lot of people do buy it and Apple Watch reports some good sales but compared to it, there aren’t any strong launches in the Android segment. A Pixel certified product could finally give the push the market needs and it will also have a wider reach if it has all the features combined with a price tag that wouldn’t intimidate buyers from going for it. Besides, the compatibility with all major Android phones makes it easier for users, as you just need a compatible Android phone to use it and not restricted to just Pixel phones.

Original Leak Emerged Months Ago

The original leak came from none other than Evan Blass, one of Twitter’s most celebrated celebrities, known for his authentic leaks. This month, he went a notch ahead and released high-quality pictures of the rumored Pixel 3a devices in all its glory. As the Twitter celebrity has a very strong reputation for his inside sources, when he tweeted that along with the two phones, there could be a smartwatch as well, it wasn’t easy to just brush it off.

The only catch right now is that there is very little info or leak with regards to the watch right now. A bunch of information came out in the past, but as the event date comes close by, we mostly have leaks related to the phone. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t expect the smartwatch to be part of the announcement. It just didn’t get as much attention as these mid-range smartphones which will have a flagship quality camera but priced at just $400 for the base model making it a highly affordable choice for most.

Google Pixel Watch Design and Technical Specifications

According to a leak, Google is reportedly working on three different watches which will go by the names, Ling, Triton, and Sardine. Going by the minimal information available, it is not clear whether these are three different designs or just different sizes. Apple has two different sizes and it wouldn’t be surprising if Google wants to provide more size choices to please all genders as well as people of all age groups.

Obviously, when it gets launched, the watch will have a large collection of straps to choose from, which will make it all the more appealing to the crowd. The watches will also be available with 4G connectivity as well as Wi-Fi variants; the latter will be cheaper in pricing compared to the ones with LTE connectivity. Most users may just want a watch that will help them keep track of their activity, health and possibly heart rate.

Google Pixel Watch release date

Google has been very keen on making rounded smartwatch faces and it also fits well with their Android Wear design. There aren’t any leaks that give us a glimpse of what to expect but going by what the company has been doing so far, they will most probably release all the watches with rounded design. It will be appealing to the masses as the minimalistic design combined with pure Android experience will make it the most beloved watch. The company is gearing up to launch a newer version of the Android Wear as well as Android 9.0, which will lead to a future where Google has all their best products in different price ranges.

Inspirations from Samsung Smartwatches

Samsung has already achieved rounded faces and it might push Google to do the same with the 320 x 320 pixels resolution. Under the hood, the product is said to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 processor which has been exclusively designed for compact devices. It is under development with a codename Black Ghost and the primary focus of this processor is to provide maximum battery life so that you don’t have to charge your watch multiple times.

Google should probably allow people to use third-party straps enabling a whole new level of customization. The multiple customization options available will attract more users to check out the smartwatch that is being used primarily as a health monitoring system and to check out notifications without relying on the phone’s display all the time. Another leak adds that the team plans to improve battery life and make it an always-on device so that you could know what’s happening at a glance. The feature will also make it more of a regular watch allowing users to view the time without having to tap and wake up the device.

Google Pixel Watch Design

Convenient Design to Use

A recent patent filed by Google suggests that they are going to go with quick-release straps. The advantage is that instead of having to manually remove the strap or use any tools, it will allow users to just push a button or release a lock to immediately change the strap. For buyers who are really keen on customization and would like to purchase a dozen straps that they could swap between, this idea seems like the best way to go about it.

The patent also suggests that the company plans to use magnets which will be used to keep the straps firmly in place. However, you move, be it running, working out in the gym or swimming, the straps will not fall off making them highly reliable. Google will definitely come up with a large collection of straps to get things going, but only when third-party manufacturers launch their collections with unique designs, it will truly provide a way for buyers to build their own collection. The colorful straps do play a huge role in making the smartwatch an everyday watch rather than a technology gadget that has been hindering its widespread adoption so far.

Android Wear for Google Watch

The Pixel Watch will obviously run on Android Wear which is the mobile version of Android OS and is already being used by Samsung, Huawei, LG, and other smartwatch manufacturers. It is expected that the company will focus on providing some additional features and keeping the overall interface clean. The Pixel range of products always excel at being the best for providing Vanilla Android experience and converting the same would definitely help the firm win more customers along with some exclusive features.

Apart from this, the OS and the apps released for the watch will have a strong focus on health and fitness. Through the years, manufacturers have found that it doesn’t exactly replace the phone because of its limited size and functionality. However, it is an excellent device to keep track of your sleep routine, the calories your burnt, miles walked and so on. When combined together and the heart rate sensor which is now found on a range of devices, it would become the perfect fitness companion.

Google pixel watch fitness version

Watch faces were one of the selling points for the Apple Watch released this generation and Pixel Watch will have a strong focus on it. Instead of going with all first-party watch faces, Android will most probably have tons of them made possible by third-party developers. It will also have Google Coach, a fitness version of Google Assistant which will keep you track of all your activities.

Pricing and Release Date

The next Google I/O event is scheduled to take place on May 7 and it is going to be the event where the company will release their mid-range Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL smartphones. Their pricing is expected to start at $400 making it very affordable considering how powerful their camera is. Apart from that, Google will obviously talk about their future Android OS versions for all flagship smartphones released in 2019.

The event may also witness the launch of the Pixel Watch even though there aren’t any solid rumors with regards to it. While Twitter’s Evan Blass shared the leak a couple of months ago and there are leaks related to codenames for three different watches, we are yet to see actual designs, hardware, specifications or pricing. The Pixel lineup is definitely not for the masses as it focuses on competing with Samsung and Apple in terms of pricing. This leads to an assumption that Pixel Watch maybe on the same lines.



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