Google has finally released the much-awaited Android 13 Beta 1. While it comes with a large number of interesting enhancements and features, what one can’t help but notice is the fact that it seems to have been designed keeping the Pixel series of smartphones in mind. Based on the kind of code one came across in the update, there is a good chance of the company’s latest smartphones receiving a brand new audio feature that might give it an edge over some of the efforts made by competitors like Apple in the recent past.'s Mishaal Rahman observed that Beta 1 is shipped with a distinctive spatializer effect which seems to be tailor-made for the Pixel 6 Pro. Rahman also stumbled upon a shared library file related to spatial audio in the ‘soundfx’ folder that is a part of the update that has been rolled out. These factors point out towards Google’s latest devices receiving spatial audio support. This should happen when Android 13 is released towards the latter half of this year.

Though nothing is confirmed yet, there is a good chance of the spatial audio feature being incorporated in the Google Pixel 6. Around a year back, one came across rumors suggesting that advanced Pixel Buds could contribute toward this feature being implemented in smartphones. If the Google Pixel 6 receives the audio spatial feature, then users can look forward to a more immersive aural experience.

A report, which came out in March, served as a summary of the recent audio-related acquisitions undertaken by the company. This report, to a great extent, confirmed that the company was serious about investing in advanced or premium-quality audio hardware. Whether the spatial audio feature is introduced to the device is something time will tell. Till then, one should check out the variety of features offered by Android 13 Beta 1.

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Elizabeth Kartini

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