During the previous earnings call, Apple registered a ‘quarterly sales record’. Now, Sundar Pichai has made a declaration about the Pixel 6 becoming the fastest-selling Pixel ever. Pichai also teased multiple Android and hardware-related announcements for I/O 2022.

The Alphabet CEO has stated that Pixel 6 has emerged as a “huge step forward” for the company’s Pixel portfolio. He also shared that the response received from Pixel users has left the company overwhelmed. After it emerged as the highest-selling Pixel ever, the company is working towards building larger consumer awareness about the brand. The company, as stated by Pichai, is making good progress in this particular direction. Pichai also shared that he, as an individual, is very enthusiastically looking forward to the products the company will be launching soon.

The “excitement” expressed by Pichai, in a way, confirms the fact that the company is gearing up for major hardware announcements that are expected to be made at the developer conference that is scheduled to be organized next month. This particular conference, from what one has heard, is being designed very similar to the Google I/O 2019. There is a strong possibility of important announcements being made about the Pixel 6a and Pixel Watch at this conference.

Pichai has confirmed that the Android team will work towards bringing to the fore many useful features and services provided by Android and many of its platforms at I/O. The theme Google touched upon during its Android Announcements at CES was ‘helpfulness’. It spoke extensively about Nearby Share for Windows. It also discussed how Wear OS has the capacity to unlock Chromebooks along with Android devices.

Elaborating further on the company’s plans, Pichai stated that the team will keep investing in new form factors and multi-device experiences with its aim to set new benchmarks for user privacy.

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Elizabeth Kartini

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