Google Pixel 5 – Google May Introduce Reverse Wireless Charging for the First Time in Android 11

Google Pixel 5 – Google May Introduce Reverse Wireless Charging for the First Time in Android 11

The release of the next version of the Android OS, Android 11 is still many months away, but the codes have been accessed. A surprising revelation from the code is that reverse wireless charging will be enabled in the future models of the Google Pixel phones. As in the past, the studying of the Android 11 code has been carried out by XDA Developers and it is their team’s interpretation of the code that has led to this conclusion. They have backed it with some definitive clues.

Feature Given the Name ‘Battery Share’

Google calls the feature ‘Battery Share’ and it will be present in the Settings and you can practically charge any device that can accept wireless charging, like earbuds or smartwatches. The interesting part here is that the term ‘reverse wireless charging’ is not used anywhere. There is a warning below that reads “your phone’s battery will run out faster when using Battery Share. Battery Share works with compatible earbuds, watches, phones and more.” So, you have to come to your own conclusion that Battery Share is nothing but reverse wireless charging. Wireless charging per se is not new to the Google Pixel range of smartphones starting with the Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL. However, reverse wireless charging has not been offered by any of its devices. If this report turns out to be true, then you can expect that the Google Pixel 5 and 5 XL will definitely have this feature included in them.

Establishing the Google Pixel 5 Connection

For the team at XDA Developers, the next task was to find out if the feature has been linked to any particular device. That is when they stumbled upon entry within the Java code which mentions “config_device_model_name,” and the current value “redfin” against it. This is within the codes for the Battery Share feature. We had reported earlier about the different fish names found as codes for the Google Pixel devices of 2020. Redfin also figured there. Therefore, the relationship between the reverse wireless charging feature and the Google Pixel smartphone stands established.

Google Pixel 5Now, going a step further, while analyzing the fish names with the corresponding specifications, it was concluded that the device with the Redfin code would be a lower-than-premium offering, sporting the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 SoC as the processor. The logic therefore is, if the lower model itself comes with the reverse wireless charging facility, then the higher models will definitely have it.

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