Google Pixel 4: Video Teaser, Motion Sensor, Face Unlock and Other Upcoming Features

With the Pixel 4’s launch date confirmed to be in October by Google itself, the tech-related social media world has gone into a frenzy, anticipating the much-coveted phone’s features before it’s launch. As of now, hundreds of thousands of tech enthusiasts have tweeted/blogged/written, and tonnes of rumors and renders have been leaked online about the upcoming flagship model. All eyes are on the upcoming Pixel 4, because it’s success will be extremely crucial to Google, especially after the recent upsurge in Pixel 3 issues, and the class-action lawsuit that made Google pay up to 500$ to all those who bought the first Pixel.

What we know for sure

Earlier this month, Google had released the latest and final beta version update for Android Q, the upcoming Android OS. It goes without saying that the upcoming Pixel 4 will definitely run on Android Q OS, which will most likely be launched along with the flagship model (Google’s developers blog has hinted that its release is “a few weeks away.”) Another confirmation that came officially from Google – which, by the way, was a pleasant surprise – was an official image of the upcoming Pixel 4 that Google leaked.  And just when users thought Google was done dropping hints, yet another video was released that showcased the phone’s face unlocking and motion-sensing features. Therefore, the features confirmed via Google officially so far are an Android Q OS, a square shape double rear camera setup, face unlocking, and motion-sensing features.

Google Pixel 4 XL

Motion sensing technology

The upcoming Pixel 4’s motion-sensing features are definitely one of the most revolutionary technology upgrades in smartphones of not just this year, but this whole decade. The technology has been highly anticipated for a while, and brands like LG have already tried making it a reality, yet failed miserably. Although not a lot of information has been released by Google about it, the technology is reported to have been under development for the last 5 years under Project Soli. So far, it’s being said that users will be able to “skip songs, snooze alarms and silence phone calls” by simple gestures in the air. However, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect more from Google.

Other likely specs

The phone will reportedly have just one front-facing camera, with an array of few front-facing sensors. Another rumor that’s been doing the rounds is that it will come with a 90Hz display, along with better dual-sim capabilities and low-light/night photography options.

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