Google Pixel 4 Sighted on Geekbench with Android R, Raises Expectations

A software upgrade to the next higher version always bears a lot of interest for the technology experts. In the case of the Android operating system for mobiles, it has an added significance because of the sheer volume of devices running on Google’s operating system cutting across brands and models. The appearance of Google Pixel 4 running on Android R in the benchmarking site Geekbench has created the excitement of sorts and raised a few questions too. Other than the OS, there was very little else of significance in the Geekbench score report.

The Qualcomm 855 Processor and 6GB RAM Seen

The Google Pixel 4 device sighted on Geekbench has scores of 712 on single-core and 2181 on multicore, with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC processor. The RAM indicated is 6GB and the operating system Android R. This is where the discussion has started off. Google has been using the alphabets with the name of a dessert for its OS versions A to P. Then suddenly, in 2019, the company decided to switch to the numerical order and called its last version Android 10. Just when you thought the next version could be the Android 11, comes this mention of the suffix ‘R’ to denote the OS version.

Google Pixel 4 specs

Does that mean the company will go back to the alphabets from next year, skipping the letter Q for whatever reasons? Will R be the letter representing a dessert? Till Google clarifies this, we may not know for certain.

Developer Preview May Be Out in a While

This new development can only mean that Google is already working on the new OS version and that the company will release the Developer Preview of the new version in the coming weeks. That is the process Google follows with its every new version of the OS. The I/O conference is the event the technical aspects are demonstrated and based on the feedback, the beta version is released first.

This year, the Android 10 version itself is yet to be sent out to many devices and the number of new smartphone models being released is not very high either.

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