Google Pixel 4 Leaks and Rumors about Cases and Color Variants

Pixel 4 Mint Green

Even before the ink would dry on the previous set of leaks on the Google Pixel 4, with the company itself sharing a render, more leaks are keeping the rumor mills grinding. The new set of information or predictions come from a leaked image supposed to be the case for the Google Pixel 4. It is not unusual for the case makers to leak such images. They do help making a few guesses.

Image has a Phone in the Background Conveying More

Though the image of the case itself does not appear to offer a lot more than what has already been revealed earlier, a phone can also be spotted in the background which springs a surprise due to its color; it is a shade of purple not seen before. Elsewhere, there have been other leaks of the same Google Pixel 4 with three phones stacked in a row. There is the white and the black colors plus the third one has a bluish tinge, which is described as Mint Green by some. Whichever leak is true or false, it may be safe to assume that the Google Pixel 4 will definitely have an additional color this year. More interestingly, the second image shows the physical buttons on the sides of the phones in contrasting colors to the body color. You can see blue, white and yellow buttons, which give the phones some fun look.

Front Screen Rarely Seen

For some strange reason, all the images and leaks seen so far have only carried the rear panel of the Google Pixel 4. As reported earlier, Google had shared a render of the phone and that too had the portion where the square camera bump figured. The dual camera setup could be seen. The two leaked imaged being discussed here including the background image along with the cases show the rear panel. There is clearly no fingerprint scanner leaving you with the thought that the phone either has a facial ID to unlock the phone or an in-display fingerprint scanner or both.

Some of the other aspects, like the sizes of the phones and the overall thickness being higher at 8.2 mm up from the 7.9 mm seen in the Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL can be taken as confirmed. There is a suggestion that the Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL may look a lot more like the iPhone 11 slated for release in a couple of months.

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