Google Pixel 4: Company will Release Update for Face Unlock

If you have purchased one of the new Google Pixel 4 or 4 XL smartphones launched this October 15, you may have noticed this interesting feature. The phone has a face unlock system using the Project Soli radar chip on its top forehead. Now, any common face unlock system will require you to keep your eyes open while unlocking the device. It has been noticed that the Google Pixel 4 can unlock itself even if your eyes are closed. Google has taken cognizance of this anomaly and says it will issue an update patch to correct this.

Face Unlock Feature a Security Safeguard

If you store a lot of personal information on your mobile phone and don’t like anyone to open it, face unlock is a safe way to lock your phone. There are other ways to securely lock the device like the fingerprint scanner and the pattern you can exclusively assign for unlocking. However, face unlock is one of the easier methods. You just hold your phone in front of your face and the sensor matches it with your photo saved inside and unlocks your phone, all in a few seconds.

Pixel 4

The risk of this face unlock feature working with eyes closed is that someone can simply hold the phone in front of your face while you are sleeping and it will unlock! Fortunately, the bug has been identified and Google has been notified. The only hitch is Google has apparently stated it may be able to roll out the update to fix this bug in a few months. You would have expected the company to act more swiftly.

Use the Other Safety Features to Lock Your Phone

Till Google sends the security update to remove this flaw, you can continue using your Google Pixel 4 or 4 XL locking and unlocking through the other methods. You can use a PIN or the pattern which only you will be aware of.

Google has said that even after it sends the update to allow for face unlock with eyes open, the facility to open with eyes closed will continue to exist. It will leave the option to the user to choose which way it should be operated on their individual devices.

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