Google Pixel 3a to Add Playground Mode in its Front-Facing Camera Soon

The Playground mode, formerly known as the AR Sticker, is a camera mode that lets you animate pictures and play around with them creating Virtual Reality. You can place the picture you take in the background and animate it just like what you see in the sci-fi movies. You can animate the background as well as words and make them interact with the pictures taken using this mode. This is a fun feature that is available in Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Google Pixel 3a model is missing this camera mode along with many other camera features like high resolution and switching between front and back cameras. Google has announced that this feature will be available in Google Pixel 3a soon.

The Playground feature is patented to Google Pixel handsets

You can have fun with the Playground mode only if you own a Google Pixel smartphone. This feature is not available in any other smartphone. Users who have enjoyed using this feature have no reason to be disappointed anymore because this feature is going to be added very soon in the front camera of Google Pixel 3a. Just like its predecessors, the newer version will be upgraded with this feature called the Playmoji where you can drop characters from this app and animate them in the background. Google Pixel 3a rear camera has this mode but the front camera is missing this.

Google Pixel 3a Playground Mode

With this feature, you can make your favorite character perform a list of actions in the background. Maybe Jedi could drink coffee with you, and interact with you real time. Not a Sci-fi fan? You will still enjoy this feature as it has AR stickers in any category that you can think of. A foodie can use food sticker, animate and interact with them. What fun it is to make your favorite food talk to you and feature in that video or photograph! This is the mode that lets you animate anything you imagine and create interactive videos with inanimate objects and animate them.

You can record a video of any length with this advanced feature as long as you can hold the Shutter button. Once you release the Shutter button, it stops recording. With the Surface Detection feature you can create stable videos while walking.

Why has this feature gone missing?

The Playground mode is the feature that most of the Google Pixel users loved and may have purchased it for this reason. In one of the Keynote speeches, Soniya Jobanputra, who is a product manager, said that the product team has optimized most of the features. Users have reviewed the smartphone to find many features in the front camera to be missing.

Google has reviewed its Google Pixel 3a product again and has promised its users the upgrade of their favorite feature in the coming weeks. You can have fun taking pictures and videos in the Playground mode and interact with your favorite characters in the coming weeks after the upgrade is successful.

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