Google Pixel 3 XL Shows an All-Glass Back with New Design

We are slowly gathering more and more intel about Google’s latest smartphone, which is still in the works. So far we only had a brief description of the phone and a leak which showed the type of screen protector it was going to use. However, now it looks like things are only looking up since we have prototypes of the Pixel 3 XL available online.

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Usually, we would be quite skeptical when getting our hands on a new leak regarding a device that is still mostly a mystery. However, these leaks look like they are lining up with previous predictions and information about the Pixel 3 XL. The prototype design has the same large display notch on the front end which houses the two front-facing cameras. On the bottom we can find the chin and below there are the two front-facing speakers.

If we compare the notch on the prototype of the Pixel 3 XL with notches on other devices such as iPhone X, LG G7 or OnePlus 6 we will find that it is much taller. It would be difficult to gauge just how much bigger the notch on Google’s smartphone is compared to other designs only from hearsay so we decided to attach the measurements to make things clearer.

OnLeaks chose to share with us the measurements of the notch, and it comes to an astounding 8.1mm. Usually, most notches that we have seen so far are 4mm tall, and the size of an Android status bar is pretty much the same so we can expect to see the status bar be stretched out with the Pixel 3 XL.

This alleged design is meant only for Pixel 3 XL so keep that in mind. This prototype marks one of the first times that we also get to see the back of the phone. In this case, we can see that the Pixel 3 XL is going to come in a two-tone design, with one camera and a fingerprint scanner. Yes, this is pretty similar to the Pixel 2, but the change lies in the shift towards having a phone with a glass back, instead of a metal one.

This could imply that we will get to have a wireless charging feature with this smartphone, but we are waiting for this to be confirmed. We are thankful for these renders since they give us an idea of how the phone is going to look like bu putting things into perspective.

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