Google Pixel 3 Latest Leaks – Worth The Wait?

Google Pixel 3 Latest Leaks – Worth The Wait?

Google is working hard to ensure that they have a more stable position in the mobile market. What does this mean for the next smartphone, namely the Pixel 3? Today we have gathered all the information that we know about it. Yes, it is too early to talk about the specs of the phone since no leak from a reliable source has appeared thus far.

We will focus more on the different variants of the Pixel 3, a possible name change for the smartphone and, most importantly, the probability of the top notch to make a comeback with Google’s smartphone.

Android P suggests the existence of a top notch

The Android P beta has just been released, and this got many people excited. There are a host of features available, but the most interesting one of all is the option to hide the top notch from the display of the phone. Users seem to think that this feature is meant for all Android phones that have the now famous top-notch display. Is that the real reason behind this move?

People like to think otherwise. Android P has a feature named “cutout support” which is meant to hide the top notch. This will be done by blacking out the upper part of the display while also making sure that the notification bar is still in the right place. Despite this. The notification bar only allows four icons to appear on the screen. If there are 5 or more, there will appear three dots on the notification bar. The position of the three dots fits right in with the place where the top notch would usually exist. This could suggest that the Pixel 3 will feature the already great top notch.

It is only natural that Google will come up with this “cutout support” feature not only to support Android phones that have a top-notch display but also use it to test out their new design for the Pixel 3. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but all of these clues point to Pixel 3 having a top notch. And why not? This design (created by Apple with iPhone X) hosts many features that redesign how the phone looks, such as hosting the camera and the flash.

No bezels for Pixel 3

We like to think that with Pixel 3 Google will finally adopt the bezel-less design that other phone brands have come up with their attest flagship smartphones. Again, this has yet to be confirmed, but we believe that it is very likely.

Pixel 3 codenames

Some of the very first leaks that we have seen online were about the codenames for the Pixel 3 devices. These are “Blueline,” “Crosshatch” and “Albacore.” We do not yet know which model will fit what codename but we do not think that more time will pass until we will get to hear details about them.

Low-end Pixel 3

There is a rumor going around that Google is thinking about coming up with three variants of Pixel 3. One of these rumors says that we may see a low-end entry level Pixel device appear on the market in the future. This phone will run on low-end hardware, on a lower version of Android OS, Android Go.

This would make a lot of sense since the mobile market thrives on lower end smartphones being sold. Most people cannot afford to dish out the large sum of money needed to purchase a flagship smartphone so they choose a lower end model that has the type of specs that would fit their needs. Not everyone needs to use a high-end camera or have a phone with hardware pieces that make the phone run smoothly and fast.

This does not mean that lower-end smartphones are choppy and unreliable, we want to say that we understand why Google may be thinking about release a variant with lower specs for Pixel 3. As we have seen, their current phones somewhat expensive so a lower end model may see more sales than its higher-end variant.

Who will build the Pixel 3?

Google has a contract with HTC which states that HTC will be in charge of providing the parts for Pixel 2. However, the deal is going to expire after Pixel 2 is released which leaves people to question which company will take HTC’s place. Some believed that LG would be the one in charge of the parts for Pixel 3, but that piece of information seems to have been dismissed. Why do we say that? LG openly refuted the rumor that they will be going to build the Pixel 3 in a statement to Android Authority.

Now, it seems that HTC was not Google’s first choice when it came to manufacturing their devices. It is very likely that they may have more faith in LG. We may be witnesses to Google trying to negotiate with LG after their contract with HTC ends.

Since September of 2017 to the present. HTC has shipped over 2 million Pixel devices, and it is said that the number of devices that are going to be manufactured for the Pixel 3 is around 5 million. Quite a large batch of smartphones, wouldn’t you say?

So far we do not have any extra information regarding the process of creating the Pixel 3. As soon as we get our hands on something new we will surely tell you all about it.



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