Google Pixel 3 Camera Issues: Users Report ‘Shaky’ Camera and Blurry Photos

Google Pixel users who have long endured battery issues are now faced with a new problem concerning the cameras. Pixel devices are known to carry the best cameras of any android phone. But recent complaints by Google Pixel 3 users suggest that the viewfinder in their cameras begin to shake while struggling to focus on an object.

Shaky camera and faulty viewfinder produce blurry images

Google Pixel 3 is known to click pictures with amazing clarity even in a dimly lit room. But the volumes of reports coming in from the device’s owners suggest that the camera is malfunctioning in more than one way. According to frustrated users, the issue surfaces even when the device is sitting still. The problem in the autofocus feature coupled with a shaky camera results in blurry pictures and videos. Disappointed users have taken to Google Product Forums and other websites to report the issue and find solutions.

A Pixel 3 owner, Julius Gunnilstam, took to YouTube to post a video of the problem in the device. In the video, the user seats the phone on a flat surface and navigates to the camera to shoot a video. As soon as he hits the record button, the viewfinder begins to shake in a struggle to lock the focus of the object in front.

Total hardware replacement to the rescue?

Curious users have traced back the problem to issues in the hardware surrounding the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) of the device. They also claim that faulty autofocus hardware could be birthing such issues. Furthering their claims, they also noted that they could hear a sound coming out of the camera which was sometimes captured by their videos too. A complete replacement of the hardware is touted as the only solution to these issues. Google Pixel 3XL users have not reported such issues as most of the complaints seem to be coming in from the Pixel 3 owners.

It is not just the phone’s camera that is throwing up wobbly pictures, even apps like Snapchat that are installed in Pixel 3 phones are witnessing the same issues. One of Google’s product experts suggested that users reset their phones and start them up in safe mode to see if the issue resolves.

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