Google Pixel 2 XL Gets Affected by Cold Temperatures

Google Pixel 2 XL Gets Affected by Cold Temperatures

Google Pixel 2 XL seems to artificially restrict the battery charging speed to a much more conservative value, even though the model is delivered with a charger capable of delivering a power of up to 18W and includes support for Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4+ technology. Recently, it has been revealed that cold temperatures are affecting the Google Pixel 2XL.

According to the fans’ measurements, the Google Pixel 2 XL phones absorb up to 10.5W through the USB-C connector, and due to the non-linear load algorithm, the absorbed power decreases progressively after the battery charge level exceeds 65%.

Thus, the total standby time can reach two and a half hours, quite a lot for a 3520 mAh battery with fast charging support.

One possible explanation is that Google and LG have chosen a more conservative approach to charge batteries of the same capacity as those found in Galaxy Note 7 phones to avoid the latter’s problems.

More plausible, however, is the explanation that the charging speed of the battery is limited by its temperature, which should not exceed 45° C to avoid accelerated its wear and its lifespan.

The Cold Temperatures Are Affecting The Google Pixel 2 XL

Thus, the ambient temperature can significantly influence the efficiency of the Google Pixel 2XL’s charging time.

Thus, the Google Pixel 2XL’s accumulator fast load function may not reach its promised potential, in certain situations, especially depending on the environmental temperatures.

At the moment, Google has not provided an official position on this issue which is affecting the Google Pixel 2XL’s battery life.

In general, the Google Pixel 2XL smartphone is a controversial phone but it remains one of the best.

In conclusion, the cold temperatures are affecting the Google Pixel 2XL charging times and Google did nothing significantly, even though the model is presenting well-known battery glitches.



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