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Google Pixel 2 Leak Comes with Welcomed Improvements

Recently, we got the shot to have a look at a Google Pixel 2 leak. From what we can tell, the device is going to be almost bezel-free. Even though the image we saw is rather small and it’s hard to figure out the small details and to make them clearer, you can still tell that the design is pretty similar to the one used for the Pixel and Pixel XL. Both these phones enjoy a two-toned look placed on the back. It relies on a matte finish designed for metal and black glass placed on the top.

Some Welcomed Improvements

People were really curious to find out more about the improvements made to the phone. The area on the back is of particular interest for people, since it shows the new camera. On the image we can see that the Pixel 2 will be endowed with a dual rear camera sensors, which supposedly are 16 MP ones. Moreover, on the front we will find an 8 MP snapper.

Internal Specs

Besides the design, the leak claims that the upcoming Google Pixel 2 will run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 836 CPU, which is apparently under development. But perhaps the most important thing that attracted fans’ attention was the fact that the device presents a full-screen look. From what we can see, Pixel 2 is going to feature the slimmest bezels ever used on a Google phone.

However, for now we don’t have the confirmation of a Snapdragon 836 CPU, so the leaked image might still be wrong. Either way, this is not an officially confirmed information, so you should still take everything with a grain of salt. It will be interesting to see what features will the tech giant keep and whether indeed this leak is based on something or not.

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