Google Pixel 2 Comes with a Huge Battery and 3D Video

The new Pixel’s 2 battery bump is not just for show or just for its aesthetics. In fact, it will be used for more than just one reason, and one of them will be to sustain the new 4,800mAH battery. The second purpose of the bump will be to host a side camera with 8x optical zoom to get the most amazing close up photos that will beat any other phone camera’s quality.

3D Filming and More

This is only the beginning given the fact that he 8x optical zoom is not inside the main camera. The most important sensors will still be on the back of the Pixel 2, this allowing a main camera with a dual lens and 3D option to also exist. The sensors will have a distance of 65mm this allowing to create a 3D impression when filming. The creators said that even though this was tried on other phones before, the distance between the sensors will make all the difference and will be a new approach.

No Ports

The most intriguing and crazy part is that the Google’s Pixel 2 mock up doesn’t have any sort of port, neither a USB port nor a headphone jack port. The creators of Pixel are trying to state that the future means wireless. The phone will charge using a wireless charging mat.

Let’s be very clear that this is just a mock up, and this represents just the dreams and the goals of an individual that is very passionate about the future and that is willing to share them with the rest of the world. We do not know exactly what the future Pixel will look like and if any of the previous specification will be on it.

Share us what you think. Is it possible to have such a phone in the near future?

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