Google Opens Up Access To Its AI-Powered Chatbot, Bard

By Elizabeth Kartini
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On Tuesday, Google announced that it is making its AI-powered chatbot, Bard, available to a limited number of people in the US and UK. This move comes after Google reportedly went into "code red" following the release of OpenAI's ChatGPT in late 2022.

In a blog post, Google's Sissie Hsiao and Eli Collins said, "We've learned a lot so far by testing Bard, and the next critical step in improving it is to get feedback from more people."

Bard was unveiled last month as a rival to Microsoft and OpenAI's chatbot services. ChatGPT has been estimated to have reached 100 million active users, making it the fastest-growing web platform ever.

Google emphasized that Bard is still an experiment and that the AI tool won't "always get things right" after the chatbot served up inaccurate information about the James Webb Space Telescope during a demonstration.

Google plans to expand access to Bard to more countries and languages over time. People interested in trying out Bard can join the waitlist.

The mass interest in AI-powered tools and services has led to concerns about issues like trustworthiness and speculation about our AI future and the potential for misunderstanding. As a result, companies like Google, Microsoft, DuckDuckGo, Adobe, and Grammarly have rolled out new AI-infused products.


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