Google might launch an Android version just for virtual reality

It seems that Google is working to a version of Android which is specially dedicated to virtual reality applications that will arise in the future.

Android is expected to make an important step in the realm of virtual reality applications. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, Google already has a number of engineers working to create a version of Android for virtual reality applications. Two sources are cited, and the new system would be distributed freely, like its predecessors.

According to the Verge, Google did not provide comments on this topic yet. Even so, it is easy to tell the reasons why Google is focused on virtual reality. In addition to the acquisition of Oculus Rift by Facebook, virtual reality glasses presented by Sony and HTC have enjoyed positive reviews.

Before the official start of MWC 2015, HTC has launched their first pair of virtual reality glasses called HTC Vive. At a first glance, HTC Vive is not showing any different than other devices of this type. The design borrows many elements from devices such as Oculus Rift, and the dimensions are equally great. To ensure the success of HTC Vive, the Taiwanese will work with Valve and other companies producing games. The refresh rate is 90Hz, and the angle of view is 360 degrees. Apparently it is equipped with two controllers which can track your hands gestures. For those interested to test this new device, the developer edition will be available this spring.

Even more important is that new pair of virtual reality glasses will come to market later this year. For more information about HTC Vice , you can visit the official website . There you will be able to view the video presented at MWC 2015. You can apply for one of the editions dedicated developers.

It is expected for Google’s version to arrive at a similar date but at this very moment the details are being kept secret. However, in the near future we should expect to a press release about the date, price and specs.

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