Google may roll out Android 10 later today on select devices

It’s the 3rd of September 2019 and Google is set to launch the latest edition of Android (the world’s most popular OS) today in all likeliness. It is being reported that the updated version Android 10 a.k.a. Android Q will release on all models of Google’s flagship Pixel smartphone series today.

The leak on Android Q

In a recent report by 9to5 Google, a Canadian mobile service provider named Rogers has mentioned that the launch date for Android Q/10 is September 3. This information was mentioned on Rogers’ Google Pixel support pages. Although the page has been taken down by Rogers since the information leaked, a screenshot of the page taken by 9to5 Google was published on their site. The screenshot clearly shows that all 8 models of the Google Pixel Smartphone series will get the Android Q/10 update today. 

Android 10

Moreover, it is interesting that there are other sources too that have listed today as the date for Android Q’s launch other than Rogers. Yet another mobile service provider Telus (also Canadian,) had listed “Android Q+ security update” to arrive today on Pixel phones on their page. But as the wind blew, Telus took down the information from their page too, and now all it says is that Pixel smartphones will get a ‘security update’ today.

OnePlus likely to get an update today too

It’s noteworthy that Google’s Pixel phones are not the only one that will be getting the Android Q/10 update today if it does indeed roll out today. A few days ago it was reported via a Reddit thread that OnePlus’ flagship series of phones would also get the upcoming Android Q/10 update along with Pixel phones.  Therefore, if Android Q/10 releases today on all Pixel phones, it will also release on OnePlus 7 series, following which it may also roll out on older OnePlus models.

Multiple sources

The news that android Q may be launched today may have leaked on Rogers’ and Telus’ websites only recently, but it is not the first instance this has been leaked. The same information had made its way to the internet in the last few weeks from multiple sources. Two of Google’s official support agents had revealed to Phone Arena that Android 10 would start rolling out on devices from September 3, 2019.

Over the last few years, Google has released most of its Android OS in August. But this time, Google has maintained top secrecy over Android 10’s features and launch date so far. But it could roll out anytime, and most likely today itself, especially after Google locked down after releasing the final beta update for Android 10 only a few days ago. Although telecom service providers like Rogers are reliable sources of information, unless there is an official word from Google or a “New System update available” notification popping up on Pixel/OnePlus 7 phones, we can’t know for sure. Stay tuned for updates!

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