Google Maps Update Available with More Accurate Street View

Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation apps in the world. In fact, the app has become so popular that Google also released it for iOS devices, especially after seeing how poorly their own Apple Maps performed for some years. Google Maps has always been quite accurate and reliable, whereas Apple Maps sometimes sent people into the middle of airport landing strips due to faulty GPS tracking.

Street View to the Rescue

But, let’s face it, Google Maps hasn’t always been one hundred percent accurate either. And while its faults might have been smaller and easier to forget, it still had them. But Google seem to have put an end to this through the most recent update that the app received. From now on, Google Maps will collect data directly from photos taken by Street View cars, making the entire service ten times more reliable than before.

More Accurate Than Ever

In fact, their inaccuracy rate changed from a couple dozen meters to just a few centimeters due to this. This new update allows the Google Maps standard app to take street names, numbers and other types of related info directly from photos from Street View. As we all know, these photos are taken by cars that drive around the streets of the entire world in order to gather the latest info on what’s changed in town.

However, this also means that Google needs to step up their Street View game and update every area of the world as frequently as they do with high-interest ones such as New York or London. But we’re sure the Mountain View tech giant is up to the task, and has plenty of resources to do so. All in all, this new Google Maps update is a good one, and we’re glad to see it being implemented.

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