Now, Google Maps Allows Us To Share Real-time Location

Now, Google Maps Allows Us To Share Real-time Location

Have you ever used Uber app on your smartphone? When you request an Uber car, the app will tell you the car estimated time of arrival. You can also follow its journey through Uber map until it arrives on your location. It would be great and useful if we have such an app.

Now, you can enjoy the similar feature on Google Maps. They have just announced their new feature related to sharing real-time location and it will be available on Google Maps worldwide soon.

This feature allows you to share your location with someone and she/he will be able to follow your trip progress until you arrive at your destination.

Imagine, you are going to meet old friends in a place that you haven’t visited before. To avoid getting lost and coming late to the meeting, you can ask one of them to use “Share real-time location” on Google Maps. Therefore, you will not only get the right direction but also allow them to see your journey progress. You don’t have to call them every minute to tell when you will arrive because they can see it on the Maps.

Apple Has This Feature Long Before Google Maps

Share location in a real-time is a great feature, but Google Maps isn’t the first one. Apple has this feature for a quite long time on “Find My Friends” app. This app allows you to locate your friends and family with ease through iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, or It’s kind of similar to “Find My iPhone” app but with a different purpose.

However, “Find My Friends” is exlusively used amongst Apple users only and it is more secure as well. On Google Maps, both, iOS and Android users can use the feature.

On “Find My Friends”, you are only able to see someone’s location after she/he accepts your request. Google Maps doesn’t require the things like that. You can share your location with anyone you want, simpler. Both apps give you the option of how long you want to share your location, such as one hour or until you turn it off. If you use it for the one-time purpose only, it will turn off automatically once you arrive at the destination.

How does this feature work on Google Maps?

Unfortunately, at this time, this cool feature is still available in certain countries. But, Daniel Resnick – Google Maps Engineering Manager – said, it will come soon to all users worldwide. First, your Google Maps has to be updated.

Then, during your next trip, tap the “More” button on the bottom on the navigation screen, and then tap “Share trip.” When you share your trip with people, they’ll see your expected arrival time and can follow your journey as you head toward your destination. Sharing automatically ends when you arrive.


But, if it’s still broadcasting your location, don’t worry because Google Maps will remind you through the icon above the compass. Moreover, they will send you an email to remind you that your “Share Location” feature is still on.

Source: Google

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