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Google Maps Seeks to Improve Efficiency in New Update

Google Maps has released a new update that seeks to improve efficiency when travelling through unknown territory. Previously, the turn-by-turn system wasn’t supremely efficient but that seeks to be remedied with the new patch.

Google has released, rather quietly, a new feature that seeks to add Street View pictures of all the roads that you need to take when moving from current to desired spot. The update is available only for Android users, but the concept for it is not a new one by far.

Previously, in 2007 Google has released its first iteration of Street View, and was followed in 2008 by the first web-based version of Maps. At that point, you were able to see Street View images online by pressing an icon of a camera.

In order to use the new feature, you just simply have to do what you previously did. Find the desired location and input it, make sure to input your own as well. This will map out the direction as usual, but now you will also have various images from Street View. These can be enlarged and can be viewed in full 360 degrees by hitting the thumbnail.  Afterwards, you can use swipe around to see the area and gather more information that could be useful in your travel.

This update seeks to ensure that people will no longer have problems when searching for particular street names and numbers, and also for those who might not be completely sure they are taking the right turn in streets. However, it can be difficult to utilize if you are the driver. It is generally not recommended to utilize your hand-held device while driving, even if it’s to figure out a correct route. It can be quite cumbersome to swipe through images in search of the right street address while driving, so it is recommended to plan out before taking to the road.

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