Google Maps Hidden Tips and Tricks

Google Maps users might be tempted to believe this application includes only maps, common navigation and Street View, but this service has an enormous data base that can provide a lot more features that its users ever imagined.

Shorter lines for visitors

If you ever wanted to visit a quite famous attraction and feared that you will not have the chance to see what you planned for because of the waiting lines, then Google Maps has an extremely good feature that shows its users when the waiting lines for attractions are the shortest.  The data it collects organizes in a graph that shows how much time people spend at the respective attraction and the users can also compare the flow of visitors based on the days of the week.

Approximate arrival time

When you have to drive a long distance to visit friends or family and you find it frustrating to keep messaging them where you are or how much longer it takes until you arrive, Google Maps will take over this task and keep them updated. If the user taps on the remaining time of the navigation display and then chooses Share trip, the respective person will be able to see your position and arrival time.

Share the route

Planning a trip with a big group of friends can be a difficult task, but Google Maps can create a plan on your device and what is more satisfying is that you can send that plan between devices.  Tap the Add stop option and choose the Share Directions in order to send it to your friends.

Fixing the compass

Whenever Google Maps forgets which way is forward, you can help the application adjust the right position by drawing figures of eight in the air with the device in your hands and the compass will fix itself after a minute or two.

Arriving on time

If you have an important meeting and do not want to be late, Google Maps can help with that by combining its features with Google Calendar. All the user has to do is to input the destination address in the calendar and then it will be synchronized with Calendar and Maps.

Gas Prices

Google Maps even takes into considerations the gas prices and helps you save up money. The user has to open the application, enter the destination, then tap the magnifying glass while in navigation, and then they will have the option to show the gas stations that are on their route. Also, they can notice a selection of gas prices at each one.

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