Google Maps Handy Features You Should Know About

There are some features in Google Maps that maybe you’ve never tried or even known about. There are more options in this app than just helping you find your way in your town, a new city or the way to other towns.

There are many other apps that show you maps but Google Maps is the best and the most popular one. It also comes pre-loaded for a lot of mobile devices.

Here is a list with some important features that you might not have used until now.

  1. You can view your history in Google Map if you visit the page and see what data has been added since you started using maps and even delete it all.
  2. One handed zoom will let users handle their big smartphones with one hand when they want to zoom. Zoom in and out with double taps and keep your finger on the screen at the second tap, dragging it up and down.
  3. The time travel option will let you travel on the same Street View mode and then clicking on the clock icon to see some locations from 2008 until today.
  4. You can create your own map with all the places you love and the routes of travelling and then share it to your friends. The option is called My Maps and it is available as a separate app.
  5. You can calibrate your phone from inside the app in order to set the compass right if the phone has this issue.
  6. There is an option that will show you the route to a location and you can also add stops to the journey in order to remember all the places you want to visit/reach.
  7. Explore option will let you find places where you can spend some time. There are different sections such as ‘Keep it Cheap’ or ‘Quick Bites’ for example and they all come with ratings and descriptions.
  8. You can share the places you love by tapping ‘More Info’ and share them to your friends.
  9. You can share your location with friends to let them know where you are.
  10. There’s an option which will let you save data by downloading offline maps in advance.
  11. You’ll be remembered the place where you parked your car by tapping on the blue location dot and select ‘Save Your Parking’ in order to save the location of your car for when you go back later.
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