Google Introduces Android 10 Based Android Go with Encryption and More Features

Google Introduces Android 10 Based Android Go with Encryption and More Features

Android 10 was released recently and is now rolling out to devices like the OnePlus 7 Pro, which are flagship smartphones. Sitting at the other end of the market are Android Go phones which are priced $100 or less. The average price of Android Go smartphones is only $27. The pricing seems like a joke when compared to flagship prices that are above $1000.

Google does not take its Android Go devices any less serious than its flagships. They have introduced a version of Android Go, which is inspired by Android 10 and brings some of its features into smartphones which have 1 gigabyte or less RAM.

The new version of Android Go is expected to consume even lesser internet data than the previous versions, which makes it more affordable for the masses.

Google’s Android 10

Encryption Support

Encryption requires significant processing power and we cannot imagine a phone with 1 GB or less RAM with encryption features. But Google has outdone itself by introducing Adiantium encryption standards to the new Android Go OS. Andiantium is a new encryption standard that is targeted towards low-end devices. It doesn’t affect the performance of Android Go devices and offers a secure experience for users.

Dark Mode

The new Android Go OS will have support for a system-wide dark mode, which is a feature of Android 10. Dark mode makes the display suitable for viewing at night. It also increases the readability of text on websites and apps in certain situations.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence was introduced in Android 9 with its adaptive battery optimization and app actions which predicted user’s actions beforehand. Android 10 improved on these AI features and the same are being introduced in the latest version of Android Go.

Android Go

More Lite Apps

Android Go is a highly optimized version of Android, so it requires applications to be optimized accordingly. Optimized lightweight versions of popular apps are already available in the Google Play Store and can be downloaded on both Android and Android Go devices. Last year, more than 500 app houses have released lite versions of their Android apps, which can be used in Android as well as Android Go devices.

Android Go is a critical mobile operating system which is aimed at bringing newer markets to level with countries like USA and UK. Emerging markets like India, Nigeria, etc. are reporting more and more people using the internet due to cheaper data plans and mobile phones using Android Go, which is now available in 180+ countries.

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