Google I/O 2018: Expectations, Topics, Future Prospects and More

Google I/O 2018: Expectations, Topics, Future Prospects and More

Since it is already May, most of us cannot wait any longer to see the day when the Google I/O conference is going to happen. Now, for those of you that do not know or have not yet had to have the pleasure of knowing what happens there, Google I/O is a developer conference and its core but it also has small elements that make us think more music festival rather than a strict business event.

What do we mean by this? Well, At I/O you can also find sessions and musical acts. Now, this conference is bound to take place yet again at Mountain View in California as it did last year.

However, we are not so much focused on looking at the ambiance and at the general setting of the conference, but we want to see what Google is going to talk about, what features it is going to unveil this year. We already have a number of lucky guesses and we want to talk more about them with you.

Long discussion about Android P

Android P first dev preview version is already available but we are mostly interested in what Google is going to add to that. I/O 2018 is the perfect place for the tech company to release the second more stable version. However, since there are little to no complaints about the first released version then we are interested to see what changes will come with the second one. The release will probably focus more on the quality of the driver and how other features work together as one, creating a more in-depth experience.

Now, if you are too curious to wait for this release then you can find the first dev preview Android P release already online. However, we do not recommend that you manually install it without knowing how to do it properly and also creating a backup. If you are a first timer then it is best that you wait for the official version.

Last but not least, a lot of people will be interested to see what the ‘P’ In Android P will stand for. Some have already guessed that this letter will come from the word Pineapple since Google did not shy away from letting out a couple of lucky hints but it has done that in the past and we have guessed wrong so it is best that we wait and see.

The future of Chrome OS

Chrome is already a fan favorite among most internet users, coming in first since it is easy to use, has great functionality, it has a simple design and a multitude of features that will make almost anyone fall in love with it. Now, Google I/O might be the best time for the company to talk about Chrome OS, which has already been introduced onto Chromebooks.

It is no secret that the big update that is going to come around is that Google will be introducing Linux tools onto Chrome OS, which will probably make a majority of developers fall in love. Now, we do not believe that this piece of information is going to concern most mainstream computer buyers but it will have an effect on the developers. In the future, we may even see Chrome OS be one of the top platforms where dev work is going to be done.

Changes to Google Assistant

Another big thing that most people that will go to the conference will keep an eye out for is going to be Google Assistant. Its features make it a very well rounded-off program which makes life not only easier but also simpler and faster for the user. They have not come up with problems when it came to the program’s commands so everything seems to be running smoothly.

Google I/O would be the perfect chance for the company to talk more about new features that are going to be added to Google Assistant. Moreover, Google has recently come up with smart displays as well Google Assistant can be found so I would be interesting to hear what these new big screens can do and what can the users do with them as well. Making things clearer for the audience would ensure that Google is confident in its smart displays and it will probably get buyers to purchase some as well if they like the features.

Wear OS and what is going to happen to it

We did choose to leave Wear OS last since Google smartwatches are not really all the rage right now. Yes, there was a time for that in the past but the period seems to have reached completion. Now, we expect that Google will also decide to talk about Android Wear, which they recently rebranded as Wear OS.

This would be done mostly to compete with Apple and its smartwatches since Google has decided to integrate Google Assistant into Wear OS as well.

A session titled “What’s new with Wear OS” is probably going to give the big tech company the chance to talk about some new interesting features that will be added to Wear OS which would make fans more attentive.

Now, we cannot say what these features are going to be since nobody really knows anything about them so we will have to wait until the conference takes place to find out what Google has in store. Yet again, the wait seems like it is going to kill us, metaphorically speaking.



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