Google Home vs. Amazon Echo – Best Services Comparison

Now both Google Home and Amazon Echo are available in the UK, which made many people think of which one would they choose. Let’s see a brief comparison between the two devices!


Price is one of the most important criteria for choosing one product or another. At the time when we reviewed the devices, the Google Home one cost £129, while the Amazon Echo was available for £149.99 in the UK. In the US, you can find the Echo for $179.99, while the Home product costs $129.


Google is not so good when it comes to offering home products that incorporate the Google Assistant. Or at least, not yet. The good part is that the Google Home one is quite customizable. The bottom section is both the base and the speaker grille, and, what’s more, is also interchangeable. You can choose between various color options, as well as fabric or metal designs.

Meanwhile, the Echo product only lets you choose between black and white. However, they are still nice. You won’t need to touch any of the devices since they are both voice controlled. Even so, they still come together with mute buttons for microphones, in case you need to have a private conversation.


If you look a table with all their functions, you will notice that Amazon Echo is the loser here. Google Home simply offers some more features. For example, you have access to more music streaming services, you can search the web, give multiple commands or sync the music playback, which you cannot do on Amazon Echo. Moreover, the Echo is not customizable at all, which is a big minus.


Even though the Amazon Echo is still a good product, people still love Google Home more. It’s a recent entry on the British market, so make sure you get it while it’s hot!

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