Google Home vs. Amazon Echo – Best Accessory for your Home

Google Home vs. Amazon Echo – Best Accessory for your Home

Amazon Echo is the opponent of a brand new smart speaker, Google Home, released by Google in UK. Let’s see which one is better.

Smart speakers do not only help you listen to music, but they also assist you in day to day tasks and are voice-controlled. You got a tough decision to take as they are battling over which one will be the best for you.

Over a year after releasing the Echo speaker in the US, Amazon extends its barriers and launch the speaker in UK as well.

Alexa will become your new best friend as it is the integrated voice assistant of Amazon Echo and the one who will set your alarms, provide you with the weather, traffic or other real-time information and also make to-do lists organizing your life in the best way possible.

Google does not let its guard down and launches the Google Home as a new challenge for Echo. This other device also comes with a voice assistant and it can complete most of the same services.

Well, which device will be your living room’s favorite? Do they accomplish its preferences?


Google Home is kind of dumpy looking like a glass of wine or air refresher.

On its tilted top you find a display controlled by touch and, for providing visual feedback, it has four Google-themed colored LED lights right above. If you want some privacy or you do not want Google to listen to your conversation or “juicy words”, you can prevent it by pressing the mute button on the back.

A speaker grille, having six colors of helmets made out of fabric or metal you can choose from to express your taste, covers the bottom of the unit.

On the other hand, Amazon Echo has only two neutral colors you can choose from, black and white, and it seems heavier than other speakers on the market. Its cylindrical shape has 23.5 cm in height and 8.3 cm in width.

Same as Google home, it has its bottom half covered by a speaker grille, but, on top, there is a circle of light from which the volume will be set to a preference right next to the on/off and no sound buttons.


Making an investment in a speaker should also be based on the quality of the sound.

Amazon Echo is a single speaker with one woofer and one tweeter, shortly, it is a 1.0 channel speaker. If playing music will be its most used function, it is pretty main.

By contrast, Google Home has more power hidden in a tiny design. With its function of syncing you can create a whole sound system for a room or even for your whole house.


Echo’s Alexa can not tackle long conversations, but she can complete simple tasks or a series of tasks. Her search engine is the Microsoft Bing so the answers to your questions will come from there.

Even though Amazon’s assistant will get used to the answers you expect specializing in your way of talking, words and tastes, you need to adapt your questions at first to receive the responses you want.

If you do not want to analyze too much how you are going to ask a question, the Google Assistant uses the most used and best-known search engine, Google’s one. You can also maintain a conversation as Google Home does not struggle with rivers of questions.

Furthermore, data can be shared through Android devices as Google Home’s assistant is equal with the assistant incorporated into the Android smartphones. The disadvantage of this gadget is the nameless Google’s assistant, which means you need to activate the speaker by saying “Ok, Google” contrary to Amazon’s Alexa.


Pretty disappointing, Google Home is adaptable only to Nest, Philips Hue, IFTTT and Samsung SmartThings – also, obviously, to its Chromecast devices – that’s all unfortunately.

However, this is the topic where Amazon Echo excels, in its compatibility with different apps.

This speaker commands several smart home gadgets such as Netatmo, Philips Hue and Hive up to the usual Skyscanner, JustEat, Uber and National Rail. Amazon confesses that Amazon Echo and Alexa can cover more than 130 apps.

Echo has its Prime Music promotions and own music library when Home uses Google Play Music and YouTube Music but both are able to connect with the most known music streaming services.

Disponibility and money

On 28 September Amazon Echo was on sale at 149.99 pounds and will be found at Tesco, PC World, Amazon, Argos, Currys and also John Lewis.

With a difference of 21 pounds less at the price of 129 pounds, Google Home has its place on the shelves of Currys, Maplin, PC World, John Lewis and Argos.


Your living room will be most likely to choose Google Home as it exceeds Amazon Echo from many views such as size, voice assistant, customize options and search engines.

Despite that, Amazon Echo has time to evolve as it is not so known in the UK and it is also a good option if you have a TV Stick or a Fire TV while if you have and a Chromecast or an Android gadget it’s better to opt for Google Home.

If you cannot decide which one suits best to your need, take a step behind and watch the game of this non-stop changing speakers world.



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