Google Gmail vs. Inbox – Is the Newcomer Any Threat to Trusty ol’ Gmail?

Google Gmail vs. Inbox – Is the Newcomer Any Threat to Trusty ol’ Gmail?

When it comes to comparing Gmail to Inbox, there is quite a bit of confusion that can occur since both services are brought to the public by the same developer, namely Google. As you probably know, Gmail is short for Google Mail while Inbox is pretty self-explanatory. That being said, it must also be stated that while the two undergo similar tasks, they have they differences which sets them apart and would make people choose one over the other.

However, it has been agreed upon that both services are mostly capable of helping users achieve the same things and that there are only small preferential details that sets these two apart. So let’s take a look and see if Google Inbox, which is relatively new to the scene with only a couple of years under its belt, can take on the veteran Gmail which has earned the praise, trust and respect of all email users across the globe.

The interface

This is arguably the biggest difference and also the main one when it comes to the two email services. The interface found on the original Gmail is simpler and a lot easier to follow especially if you’re new to emailing.  Inbox takes pretty much all the free features you can find in Gmail and brings them over, making the platform agreeable for those who are already in love with Gmail.

But it does so under its own platform which means there’s a bit of a learning curve for those that want to transfer to Inbox. Granted, the service being pretty much Gmail in a new packaging does help tremendously with that curve.

Noticeable differences

There are some differences in how certain options are worded. They do the same things on both platforms but they aren’t called the same. For example, the Delete function on Gmail is referred to as Move to Trash on Inbox, whereas the Report as Spam button transforms into Move to Spam. If you want to Archive something as you would on Gmail, you have to look for the Done button on Google Inbox.

Where Inbox wins

There is a certain quality that Gmail cannot replicate, and it is found in Inbox. This has to do with replying to messages, and more specifically with replying automatically. This function has been added to Inbox which means that users can arrange for certain contacts to receive automatic replied to their emails, with personalized text written by the user. This isn’t available on Gmail and is one of the features that would make someone move over to Inbox.

Another feature that makes Inbox stand out is the fact that emails are automatically classified under specific categories. The list of categories available can be expanded by the user with their own personal additions. This makes organizing and managing emails a breeze. Organizing emails on the classic Gmail is also possible, sure, but there are quite a few extra steps that need to be completed before you can successfully reach your goal of deleting a specific email or adding a specific message to a particular category.

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