Google finally teases the Pixel 4 with dual cameras and a new design

Pixel 4 Camera

The forthcoming Google Pixel 4 will not be getting an official launch date anytime soon, probably until October. But the search giant and smartphone maker officially revealed the Pixel 4 this week, following a series of leaks. Google took it to Twitter to share a first official photo of its smartphone, Pixel 4. In the official tweet, Google’s Pixel team wrote that “Well, since there seems to be some interest, here you go! Wait ‘til you see what it can do”.

A closer look at the new camera module of Google Pixel 4

The official image of the Pixel 4 reveals two cameras squeezed into a square module with a dual tone LED flash. The most exciting revelation of the official image is that Google has put a third sensor along with a microphone. It is tough to say whether the tiny dot beside the dual tone flash is a microphone or a dedicated wide-angle lens or a laser autofocus sensor. The previously rendered images didn’t provide a detailed glimpse of the camera module.

In Pixel 3, Google incorporated a sensor called, the “Spectral + Flicker sensor”. There is a highly likely chance that Pixel 4 will come with an enhanced version of the sensor; nevertheless, the size of the new Spectral +Flicker sensor is tiny.

The spectral sensor allows the camera of Pixel 3 to take on the strobing light by offering superior recording quality. Google Pixel 3 camera is even better at analyzing different colors. It is safe to say that Pixel 4 will sport an enhanced version of imaging prowess.

The significant changes that are introduced in the Pixel 4

According to the official image, Google has finally ditched the rear fingerprint sensor. Google Pixel 4 will either sport a 3D facial recognition or under the display fingerprint sensor or both. Moreover, the smartphone flaunts a perfectly placed gray or white colored power button. The image also revealed Google’s official logo near the bottom of the device. The best thing that came out of the official image is that the previous rumors and speculations surrounding the camera modules and the power and volume rocker buttons have come to an end.

Pixel 4

Like all the other flagship devices, the Pixel 4 will also feature Qualcomm latest flagship offering Snapdragon 855, but the details of RAM have not been revealed yet. For the first time, Google will ditch its conventional dual-tone design that was present on the previous Pixel smartphones. Instead, the new Google Pixel device will sport a single-tone glossy finish. In the coming months, we can expect Google or leaks to slowly disclose all the features and specs of Pixel 4.

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