Google Finally Launched Backup and Sync With New Features

Google is one of the most important and powerful tech companies in the world, and that’s a fact. Google’s influence lies in the fact that they explored even the most untapped of markets with their product development projects. Their newest endeavor, among many others, is the new Backup and Sync app that the Mountain View tech giant announced last month as being due for launch soon.

About Backup and Sync

Backup and Sync is a nifty little app for your PC or Mac that allows you to take file backup to a brand new level that hasn’t been reached before by other similar programs. With this new app that will add to the duties of Google Drive, users will be able to automatically backup their entire computer storage if they want to do so. Although amount of permitted storage space on Google might be an issue in this direction, the initiative is revolutionary.

With Backup and Sync all you have to do is select the folder or folders on your PC or Mac that you want to be constantly backed up into your Google Drive cloud memory. And that’s it, you will never lose important work again. This is particularly useful for students or people that work off of their computers because it means you can select your entire work folder for backup and never have to worry about your work getting lost again.


The launch of this new helpful app has been announced just a few hours ago by Google, so expect to be able to get it soon. The app is up for download starting today through Google Drive and Google Photos, so make sure to get it and start backing up important work now. Backup and Sync is the app you need in order to keep your files in check.

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