Google Fi Subscribers Can Look Forward to More Fun in 2019

Google has been doing its bit to enable mobile phone users seamless connectivity through its Google Fi service. In a blog marking the onset of the New Year, Google has shared with the Google Fi subscribers, what they can look forward to in 2019.

Upgrade to RCS

The Google Fi has the Rich Communications Service or RCS in its ecosystem. Now Google says those subscribers of Google Fi who fall in the eligible category will get upgraded to RCS as the default messaging service. It has been further explained that with RCS enabled, the messaging app on your device, particularly if it has been designed for Fi, will be on par with the best messaging apps out there. Unlike your SMS service which does not permit you to send multi-media messages like videos, the Message function with RCS lets you do all this and more.

Some features like the indication that the person at the other end is typing and if your message has been read etc. will be activated. Google Fi blog has clarified that if your Android phone has been built for Google Fi then this upgrade to RCS will happen automatically. In the other Android phones, a manual download and activation of the Messages app is necessary and then there will be a menu-driven prompt to make it RCS-enabled.

2019 Google Fi

Additional Geographies Getting Coverage

As you are aware, Google Fi is a service that is available in over 100 countries already. The benefit for you in subscribing to this service is that when you are traveling, you can continue enjoying data services at the same cost as you would be paying when you are at home. This way, you will end up saving a huge amount which the carriers otherwise charge for data while on roaming. Now in 2019, 33 more countries are being added under the Google Fi service. A majority of these countries are in Europe and some in Asia.

With Google, if you are travelling anywhere in the world, you will have their Wi-Fi hotspots created for the benefit of phone users. You can connect through these free Wi-Fi hotspots to remain in touch.

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