Google Earth’s Timelapse Feature Takes a Look at Area 51’s Expansion

Google Earth is a great tool if you wish to explore the satellite-mapped ground and visit various locations from your own home. However, as it turns out, you can also use Google Earth to check some conspiracy theories. The program added additional data and years of imagery. Recently, the Timelapse feature was used in order to take a look at Area 51, one of the most controversial locations in America. The new version of this feature chose this place because it plans to focus on “compelling locations” in order to show how the planet has changed since 1984. When it comes to Area 51, we can see images from the last 32 years and it appears that it has expanded noticeably.

Improvements and new buildings

Conspiracy fans have new reasons to keep an eye on the US Air Force base. According to the Timelapse images, the Nevada military complex expanded constantly. The first aerial snapshot is from 1984 and we have images from every year until the present day.

Area 51 has many new buildings and they are bigger than before. The northern end of the complex is where most of the buildings are. The first runway has been improved and it is longer and wider and a second runaway was also added. We can also see that the military complex extended closer to the mountain situated to the west, and it continues to become larger.

Area 51 remains one of America’s biggest secrets, but it is not very likely that we will discover any hidden secrets from the Timelapse snapshots. However, the new images are interesting and they provide new information regarding the controversial military complex. We cannot wait to see snapshots from other “compelling locations” in the future.

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