Google Earth vs. Google Earth Pro: Which Version is Better?

Google Earth vs. Google Earth Pro: Which Version is Better?

Google is not only a known search engine and perhaps, the most popular one. It also has other products and services that make our lives more convenient and exciting. Among its well-known and most practical products is Google Earth, a geobrowser that is all about exploration. It lets you travel to any destination on earth, virtually.

This might not be new to most people who have access to the internet since this free navigation tool was launched 16 years ago. But with the ongoing updates released by Google and the numerous features to enjoy, you will be missing a lot if you still have not tried this at all. But before you download this amazing application program, you might want to know more about the two versions available: Google Earth and Google Earth Pro.

While the latter used to be a paid version, Google decided to offer it for free just like basic Google Earth. Although Earth Pro has more advanced features, this does not mean opting for Google Earth is not necessary. It’s best to get an idea on the similarities and differences of both versions to decide which one suits your needs.

Google Earth

If you intend to virtually explore the world, the basic features of Google Earth will suffice. Apart from being able to see 3D images from outer space and zooming in to get detailed photos, the updated version will now come with the Voyager tool that lets users watch live stream broadcasts of regions to witness different species in their own habitats, undisturbed. With this tool, you can see locations alongside video clips and take a guided tour of a particular place.

With the redesigned Google Earth, other features have also been added, such as the Knowledge Cards. These are pop-ups beside a location you are viewing in which information about the place are shown. Moreover, Google has also announced that in the near future, users can also share their photos, publicly or privately, that will be tracked down by the app and be part of the maps.

Of course, there are also the basic features of this version which include access to images of past explorations to outer space, NASA satellite images and 3D images of the ocean floor, including shipwrecks.

Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro offers the basic features of Google Earth and more. This is because this version was designed for business applications. That said, it offers better features which businesses and organizations can use for research and presentations, among others. Users can create different types of media using Movie Maker. They can also print screenshots and images of locations in hi-res as well as map GIS information to make importation of vector image files possible. The Earth Pro is also capable of giving more details, such as traffic count and the best routes to take.

While Google Earth has distance measurement tools, Google Earth Pro has more. It is capable of measuring not just straight lines but also areas, a feature that is crucial in getting geographical data.

Google Earth and Google Earth Pro have similarities and differences, with the latter being more advanced. However, both can be enjoyed for free. If you are interested in a Google Earth download, you can do so from your mobile device.



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