Google Earth Update with New Interesting Advantages

50 years ago, the popular band The Beatles brought to light their 8th studio album, called “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, which was available both in the UK and in the US. In time, many fans traveled to the Abbey Road Studio, where the famous John, Paul, George and Ringo turned themselves into the Edwardian military band. However, Google Earth offers now a simpler way to do that.

Interesting Advantages with Google Earth

It seems that this service is keen on providing some rather interesting services, given their latest announcement. Jill Emeny, who works as a content strategist for the tech giant branch, posted on the official blog that Google Earth will be using Voyager, their storytelling platform, in order to celebrate the beloved and popular album, as well as the remarkable achievements of the band.

But How Are They Doing That?

On this occasion, you have the chance to access the global Voyager tour, which highlights some important moments, as well as places from the band’s career. This means that you can virtually visit the Liverpool Cavern Club or the Strawberry Fields memorial existent in Central Park.

Now you have the chance to enjoy an authentic Beatles experience right from the comfort of your own home. Simply pour yourself some scotch and coke, get a pair of typical round glasses, play the favorite tune from the band and go on a trip around the world from your favorite armchair. You can look at the real Penny Lane, go inside the Hamburg club where the Beatles had an almost non-stop performance for 48 evenings in a row and even visit the Ed Sullivan Theater where the band first appeared.

If you’re still not satisfied, you might also want to know that there is a super deluxe edition reissued on this occasion.

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