Google Earth Pro: Is It Worth Paying for the Annual Subscription?

With Google Earth designed to help you find your way or ensure you don’t get lost even in a completely foreign location, you should have it installed on your computer or mobile device. This fascinating application that holds the map of the world, complete with a street view and high-resolution satellite images, lets you travel the world without spending a dime. Unless you opt for Google Earth Pro, that is.

The paid version of Google Earth comes with additional features and extras not found in the free version. So paying a hefty price for a yearly subscription may be worth it. Why not check out those extras to find out if $400 per year is worth investing in?

High-resolution printing capability

Knowing you would be traveling to areas with no internet connection, a hard copy of a map would be a great alternative or solution. But it is only worth the effort if you get clear and sharp images on paper. With Google Earth Pro, you can print images up to a resolution of 4,800 x 3,200 pixels.

Exclusive access to layers of data

Interested to know more about traffic count, parcels, and demographics? If you go Pro, you will have all the data that you need and more. If your job requires such information, the subscription you pay for Google Earth Pro would be more than worth it.

Take advantage of advanced measurement

Using Google Earth, you can measure land developments and parking lots in polygon area measure or circle measure. The program’s highly accurate measuring system can be used as a very powerful tool when buying a property, giving you a good view of what’s around the perimeter of the property you’re eyeing for.

There’s also the proximity circle tool that proves beneficial for retailers planning to open a new store. What it does is calculate the proximity of other stores in and around the area, giving you a good idea of the competition. Long before you see the area with your own eyes, you already have a good idea of the conditions surrounding it.

Designers and architects also use these measuring tool for a full analysis of the area, complete with accurate information.

Record a movie

This is probably one of the best features of Google Earth Pro, allowing you to record KML tours or mouse movement as movie files. So if you’re planning to do a European tour, for example, you can map out the places you want to go to, put them in one folder, and then make a movie out of them.  Simply use the built-in Movie Maker. Once you’ve recorded a movie, you can then export it for QuickTime HD or Windows Media playback with a resolution of up to 1920 by 1080 pixels.

Import and change data on the map

If you want to see specific locations around the world, you can import addresses into Google Earth Pro. Each address will be converted to a placemark so it’s easier to locate. To date, you can only import addresses in specific countries, such as the United States, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

You can also skydive using Google Earth Pro. So how about it? Want to go Pro?

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