Google Earth Pro Version for Windows 10 OS – Features and Updates

Google Earth Pro is one of the two versions of Google Earth, a geographical information program and virtual globe that gives a wide scale view of locations anywhere on Earth. Images on the map are from satellite imagery, geographical information system (GIS) and aerial photography that can be viewed in 3D. Originally intended for commercial applications and used to be a paid version, this app is now downloadable for free.

The Earth Pro can be downloaded in multiple Windows versions, including Windows 10. It is also compatible with Mac OS x 10.6.0 or later and Linux LSB 4. By downloading a desktop version of this app, the user will be able to visualize, manipulate and export GIS data as well as import it. Moreover, with the use of measurement tools, it is possible to compute areas and distances. Another interesting feature of this navigation tool is the historical imagery in which snapshots of a location taken years back can be viewed by the user.

Downloading Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro for desktop can be downloaded from the Google Earth website, with the latest version, being Depending on your computer specs, Earth Pro can have varying downloading speeds.

  • This downloadable application program has a file size of 31.93MB and can be installed on different Windows OS.
  • Once you are already on the download page, click on the “OLDER VERSIONS” menu to go to the download page for Google Earth Pro.
  • Simply follow the instructions and be ready with your email address.
  • When prompted for a license key, simply type in “GEPFREE”.

Conversely, if you already have an older version of Google Earth Pro, automatic update is possible, so long as the update button is enabled. Since it was launched, this geo-browser already boasts of interesting features, including the creation of media collateral with the use of Movie Maker. With the update, a skyview feature was also added. Environmental organizations also take advantage of these features to monitor areas and create movies offline, for sharing.

With Google Earth Pro, you can see the world via a virtual globe. But if you want to search for specific locations and view them on ground level, you can download Google Maps with Street View on your mobile device.

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