Google Earth Pro on Windows 7 Issues with KML and KMZ files

Google Earth is a great service and it’s hard to imagine that there will be any better alternative anytime in the near future. However, it’s pretty easy to see how people could want to ditch Google Earth in favor of Google Earth Pro. In theory at least, it’s a better version of an already great tool, right?  Making this transition might not be as rewarding as some think.

The unexpected problem of upgrading to Google Earth Pro on Windows 7

 A user has reported on the Google forums that upon trying to switch from Google Earth to Google Earth Pro on Windows 7, they ran into an unexpected bump in the road. It would seem that under those circumstances, their KML and KMZ files couldn’t be associated with Google Earth Pro. This is not something that users have to worry about normally in Google Earth. This lead to the user having to open the files from the GEP, which you might guess, is quite time consuming and frustrating. Especially if you have a lot of such files to work with on a daily basis, having to go around the problem in order to complete your task is understandably unsatisfactory.

Selecting Google Earth Pro as the default program

One of the simplest and usually effective solutions for problems like this is right clicking on the respective file and selecting the option Open With. Next, users just have to choose the program that they want to automatically open that type of file from now on, in this case Google Earth Pro. This is done by completing the process with the option Choose Default Program.

In case you want to try this yourself, but Google Earth Pro doesn’t feature in your default list of programs when the option list pops up, you can manually pick out the executable file for Google Earth Pro. This is done by navigating to where you have the software installed. Usually, you can ding it at C:\Program Files\ (x86)Google\Google Earth Pro\client. Here, you can find googleearth.exe and select it as the default program for opening KML and KMZ files.

Reverting back to Google Earth

Unfortunately, the only known “solution” for right now is to just revert to what worked. While it’s definitely not a convenient approach to the problem, you can at least go about your business in a comfortable way. Hopefully though, the solution suggest above will work for those finding themselves in this pickle.


With a bit of luck, Google might come out with an official fix for this problem as well as a clarification as to why it occurs in the first place. Until then, there’s not much else that can be done which has not been covered here.

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