Why the Google Earth Pro License Should Be the Least of Your Concerns

Why the Google Earth Pro License Should Be the Least of Your Concerns

We have often considered Google as one of the top search engines available for all platforms but there is more to it than just being a tool for searching the internet for almost anything. Aside from other products and services, such as Gmail, Google Docs and Google Maps, there is the geobrowser, Google Earth and its other versions, the now discontinued Google Earth Plus, Google Earth Enterprise and Google Earth Pro.

It was originally offered by Keyhole, Inc. in 2001 until Google purchased the company and launched Google Earth in 2004. When Google Earth Pro was released, users can enjoy the features for a price. While Google Earth was free and designed for personal use, the Pro was designed for business owners and organizations since it offered more advanced tools and was capable of high-resolution printing, among its other features.

The good news is that Google decided to offer the Pro for free. While entrepreneurs were willing to enjoy the advantages of the geobrowser even if they had to pay for it, there is still nothing much better than to get it for free. After years in the market, Google Earth Pro became available for free download in 2015.

License Key Required

While the response was positive, there were concerns raised by some who tried to download the Pro and ended up with a question about the Google Earth Pro license. It is the key you need to enter once you have downloaded Google Earth Pro and you have signed in. When you are using the Pro for the first time, you will be asked for an email and the license key.

The free license key is “GEPFREE”. Once you have your license key encoded, then you can start using the application. You can also opt to tick the box beside it so you do not have to log in the license key each time.

Google Earth Pro has many features, on top of the ones mentioned above. It also allows for creation and exportation of animated movies that can be used by business for their marketing campaigns. Non-profit organizations that help in the preservation of wildlife and nature also use the Pro to monitor forests as well as the natural habitat of animals in the wild.

With the free Google Earth Pro download on your device, you can also start exploring the world and beyond, whether at home or on the-go. So, why not get it now?

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