Google Earth Pro Free License Keys

Google Earth Pro Free License Keys

Most of the software is amazing in its Pro or Premium version and so is Google Earth Pro. It has amazing features that come at a cost of $399 per year.

But here’s a way of getting the Pro version without paying at all. In the URL page where you have to sign-up you will see the description as being a free trial version but don’t worry because you will have unlimited time on Google Earth Pro.

You can get a free license key by following these next steps.

Download & Install Google Earth Pro

  1. You must access the following link in order to download the app:
  2. You will see a button which reads ‘Agree and Download’ that you must press in order for the program to start downloading.
  3. After the download open the app and start installing Google Earth Pro.
  4. When the installation starts you’ll have to enter the details which are required during the installation and the setup. You must insert your email, username, and the license key which will be GEPFREE.

After these steps your Google Earth Pro will be available for an unlimited time, coming with all of the Pro features that the free version lacks.

Why is Google Earth Pro a Billed Service?

The main reason for which Google Earth Pro was designed was for users who needed the software in their companies, businesses or enterprises so this is why they imposed a fee. Many users claim that the Google Earth Pro version is not really necessary over the free one.

Look at these features from Google Earth Pro and you’ll probably think otherwise.

  1. Measurements are more advanced for land and parking lots.
  2. Better printing resolution (to a maximum of 4,800 x 3,200 pixels).
  3. The Option for traffic count and demographics is available only in the Pro version
  4. Addresses can be imported and it can also export Media to Windows or movies to QuickTime HD.

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