Google Earth Pro Update Version Comes with New Features

Google Earth received an update a month ago with the latest and major upgrade with new features. The updated version is most recent enhancement is similar to Google Earth Pro but in a web- based version. While the latter remains to be untouched since its last update in January with version

With a file size of 31.93MB, this version can be downloaded to all versions of Windows. Despite not having a make-over, so to speak, Google Earth Pro already had many awesome tools from the get-go and Google might have decided to up the features of Google Earth instead, thinking the Pro is still effective for now.

Designed to be for commercial applications, the Pro used to be a paid version until Google made it available as a free download. It has advanced tools for creating maps on Linux, PC and Mac. With it, manipulating, exporting and visualizing GIS data is easy and convenient. Moreover, Movie Maker can be used for producing media collateral, using Windows Media and Quicktime HD in 1920 x 1080p resolution.

Other features users can enjoy with the Google Earth Pro include, pro data layers for providing information on traffic and demographics for chosen location and high resolution printing compared to the screen printing resolution of the basic Google Earth.

As opposed to manually geo-locating geographic information systems that Google Earth is capable of, the much better Google Earth Pro does this automatically. Conversely, for images that will be exported, these can have Super Image Overlays, a feature that has much texture than the maximum texture size.

Apart from the imagery, it also comes with more tools that businesses and organizations can use for creating animated movies and monitoring areas, such as natural resources and forests. Tracking marine debris is easier and possible with the use of Google Earth Pro. Using phones to record the geographical location and video the specific location to be mapped by Google Earth is a big boon to science.

Did you know that you can sky dive using Google Earth Pro and it works as a great simulator with the Google Earth Pro skyview feature? With this application being free to download and offering many features, you might want to start using it.

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