Google Earth Helping To Map Uncharted Forests

Although there are some people out there that seem devoted to massacring them, our Earth’s forests are huge. The total forest area of our planet is gigantic, and much of it is still virgin and uncharted land, which is amazing in this day and age where we think we know all that there is to know about our world and even what lies beyond it. But just think about it for a second. Think about a strip of Amazonian rain forest, with its tall trees and its thickets of lush and rich vegetation. That alone is enough to make that area impossible to access and explore.

Counting Trees

And then think about all the animals that dwell there as well. That adds a very poignant danger factor to the entire deal. So it’s perfectly understandable that nobody has ventured to chart a lot of forests on Earth. Still, a brave team made up of a few devoted individuals ventured to do just that, but not by actually going inside these forests. Instead, they used Google Earth. The satellite images on there might not be the clearest ones or the most telling, but they were good enough to allow these people to actually count how many trees there are on Earth’s dryland forest areas.

By doing this, they ended up actually mapping a forest area that is equal with that of the Amazonian rainforest. Now scientists are hoping to extend this endeavor in order to find out more about our world’s forests. It seems that Google Earth and crowdsourcing is the best modern solution we’ve found for this, so why not give it a try at a larger scale? But we have to wait for a while until actual results come in.

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