Google Earth and its Interesting Features Surprises Us Once Again

Google Earth and its Interesting Features Surprises Us Once Again

Google Earth is one of Google’s more famous of applications that has seen its release in 2001. Even though it was quite innovative at that time, it has not seen much in the terms of evolution by comparison to its other works of technology. However, this is changing with Google’s latest update for Google Earth. It now has 3D images, video content, and other neat features that can make it a good companion application when looking for splendid vacation destinations or just to simply browse the globe for interesting locations.

Google Earth has a few internal features that are worth checking out, be them on desktop or Android devices.

Full 3D Maps

Previously, you could only view certain buildings and features in 3D, and you were limited in their number. However, with the latest update for Google Earth, the entire planet can be viewed in a 3D perspective. This is toggle-able, of course, from 2D to 3D.

Short clips regarding Nature

Google Earth has made a partnership with BBC Earth and have integrated a few short clips of David Attenborough giving information on various elements of nature that you might love. This is an extra feature to help entice you to the wonders of the natural world, as you are viewing them in Google Earth’s 3D imagery.

Curiosities of History

If history is more your fancy, then you can set up its settings to help highlight various historical curiosities that might strike your interest. In order to do so, you need to head into the Voyage tab, History and then Lost Civilizations from Above.  Now, you will have to find them the highlights on the map and soak in the interesting information presented by these bits of history.  They comprise of relics from the ancient world, forgotten lands or marvels of construction



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