Google Earth to Allow Local Stories to Be Uploaded … Soon

How many of your travel selfies, groufies, and photos make their way to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social networks? If not all, probably a huge number of them.

With the plan to make Google Earth more social, you will soon have another platform to share those pictures with. Future improvements and innovations will allow you to share personal photos and even videos on Google Earth. The tech giant envisions a platform that is filled and fueled by millions of public stories.

“Stories”, a short-form of mobile storytelling has become widely popular when Instagram nipped it from Snapchat. Although the features will vary when integrated into Google Earth, embracing it will definitely make the app more interesting than ever. As if you don’t spend a lot of time traveling to different locations, the addition of “stories” will further extend the amount of time you spent using Google Earth. What are the odds that you can’t help yourself dipping in and out of clips?

The future feature is likely to become part of the Voyager, which was added in April. It provides live-streams, city guides, and VR tours. The addition of “stories” will make it even more fun and interesting to use.

The planet visualization tool, however, is said to be better suited for images and videos set outdoors, according to Google. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t post stories set indoors. After all, Google Earth Director Rebecca Moore told Reuters that “The story of your family history, the story of your favorite hiking trip – it could be anything. It doesn’t have to be profound”.

But if you have seen “I Am Amazon” series on Voyager, you will understand and agree why local stories set outdoors make amazing tales. There is just plenty of things to see and tell when you are out there.

The series covers 11 sites and tells a story about the relationship between the rainforest and the locals. Being an interactive project, it features videos, 360-degree VR, photos, and text.

Think you can’t top what the “I Am Amazon” series has presented?

There’s really no need or expectation that you do. Part of the charm of the entire project is the fact that they are made by you using the equipment you have at hand. Even if your story ends up looking amateurish, your contribution will be highly appreciated.

The new feature presents a challenge for Google, however, which is to keep uploaded stories from going rogue. How can the tech giant control what people uploads, considering that they need to scan posts from all over the world? There are also concerns on someone’s home or work address showing up on Google Earth without the owner’s consent.

This will be a Herculean task but something that Google will likely handle with ease. They are called a tech giant for nothing, after all.

Imagine the possibilities once the feature is added to Google Earth. You don’t have to stop at posting photos but stories as well. So why not start familiarizing yourself with Google Earth’s many features? Find out the app’s available supported platforms to avoid compatibility issues.

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